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Yoga Classes in Gracia, Barcelona

Who are we?


Sincronia Yoga is a Yoga centre in the heart of the Gràcia district, Barcelona. In this corner of the world, it can seem like a small India because of the large number of yoga centers that exist. Sincronia Yoga was born from the meeting of two old friends who started two separate projects: Sebastià Llorach who founded Sattva Yoga in 2006, now  Mamayoga, and Ignasi Seró, with the practice of Shiatsu and Movement and the Padovan Method in Barcelona, Cardedeu and Girona.

Both journeys started as a calling almost 20 years ago, which later became realised professionally for more than 13 years, through synchronising the two into a project based on group yoga classes and individualized attention of manual therapies. It is from this diverse and multidisciplinary integrated approach that Sincronia Yoga was born. The sum of the two is greater than the whole, and this phrase captures our goal to bring together different practices, disciplines, contexts and cultures. Through our training in Humanities and Anthropology we understand Yoga as a source of enrichment for our society and its health.


Our services


In 2014 when we joined forces to create Sincronia Yoga, we created a space for practicing different styles of yoga (hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, integral yoga, yin yoga… but also body awareness, pranayama and meditation) as well as different manual therapies (shiatsu, chiromassage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, ayurveda and padovan method). Each person within Sincronia Yoga brings their own vision and experience with respect and love for their work. This passion is what keeps us open to helping others in a small way every day (we open 365 days a year!). Human contact and personal closeness motivates us to continue learning and sharing our journey. Whether they are journeys of friendship, accompanying people or of helping them evolve through each different practice and technique.

Since opening its doors on May 17, 2014, over 5 years ago, Sincronia Yoga has hundreds, if not thousands, of students from all over the world who have placed their trust in us and with whom we are deeply grateful. Regular classes, workshops, retreats, individualized sessions, outdoor classes, courses… all have the same common denominator: the people who come to practice do it to take care of themselves in one way or another. They have been, are, and will continue to be our main reason to keep learning and growing, because we deeply believe in continuously evolving. That mindset of continuous improvement is reflected in seeing every yoga practitioner as equal, regardless of their level and/or years of practice.

The aim of our yoga and therapy centre is to offer quality services to people who live or work in or nearby the Gràcia neighbourhood, an agreement to offer a local space to all levels of practitioners, as well as to help with all the different health challenges that can come up throughout our lives. We provide multiple classes, styles, and levels, to choose from as well as many options of rates and methods of payment, to be able to adapt to the needs of the different students. Yoga has taught us the benefits of flexibility and Shiatsu and neurological rehabilitation through movement (Padovan Method and BTMR) taught us to rely on the advantages of neural plasticity.



Vita in motu as they used to say or adaptation to change and crises in a more modern take on the phrase.


Where is Sincronia Yoga?

Sincronia Yoga is located in Gracia in the street Pere Serafí, 7-9, 08012 Barcelona

What styles of Yoga are practiced?

Hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, integral yoga, yin yoga... but also body awareness, pranayama and nidra meditation

What activities are done at Sincronia Yoga?

Regular classes, workshops, retreats, individualized sessions, outdoor classes, courses...


Everyone has a place and a path in Sincronia Yoga!

Come and discover yours!