Laura Jofre

A few years ago I decided to make a change of direction in my professional life to go to India to work on a social project and it was there where yoga appeared in my life. Since that moment it has been accompanying me in my daily life, until it ended up being another part of me, on and off the mat.

As I spent more time practicing, I discovered benefits beyond the physical practice and my curiosity grew to discover everything behind that ancient philosophy and method, so I could share it with more people.

I made the decision to train, I returned to India to learn it from its country of origin and I continued to delve deeper, back in Barcelona. 

I have trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in India and in Hatha Raja Vinyasa Yoga in Yogaia, Barcelona, following the lineage of Sri Dharma Mittra.

In my Vinyasa classes, we seek to connect with ourselves through breathing, flowing with our body between asanas and becoming fully aware of how we are in each moment, understanding everything we store in our body to learn to release it.

For me, practice is an intimate moment with yourself, which allows you to stop and stop focusing outwards to go little by little inwards.

It is also the space for exploring body movements and playing, and can even be your refuge in moments of vulnerability, where you can listen to yourself and find the balance of your emotions.

As a yoga practitioner, I find it very enriching to share my path with others. I enjoy guiding the practice and teaching students new tools that help them improve their body awareness, gain flexibility, balance or strength and, above all, accompanying them along the way so that it is increasingly easier for them to connect with themselves through breathing.

“Yoga helps the lazy body to be active and vibrant. It transforms the mind, making it more harmonious and makes it easier for body, mind and essence to merge into one.”

-BKS Iyengar-


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Laura Jofre


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