Elena Gesmundo

My love for Yoga began when I discovered the practice of Iyengar Yoga, which thanks to a very inspiring teacher I experienced as therapy and art at the same time. I did my first training in Colombia where I not only learned a lot about Yoga, but from this land and this trip I learned to trust life. I decided a year after traveling to India to discover the origins of this practice. On this journey, which was very difficult, I learned that Yoga is love for myself and I learned to trust myself. In Yoga I found a space where I can observe myself, take care of myself, feel safe and stop thinking too much. A place that offers balance and tranquility. Sharing what I have learned with the intention of offering those benefits to others is my passion and goal.

Important qualities in teaching for me are knowledge, humility, presence, inspiration and a touch of magic. As a student I like to surrender and enjoy my body, just enjoy the practice and calm my inner self-deprecating voice. Shortly after having started practicing asanas and pranayama every day, I have felt that Yoga increases vital energy, strengthens body and mind, helping me to grow and creating tools for difficult moments in which I most need presence and awareness.

Fascinated by the functioning of the body/mind, in February 2023 I began to train in SE (Somatic Experiencing), a therapy technique for trauma healing. A new and promising vision of trauma is offered in the Somatic Experience: the human animal is seen as a unique being, endowed with both the instinctive capacity to heal and the intellectual capacity to use that innate capacity.

I apply these new tools in my classes so that through yoga people discover their own healing power.

"Everything we see or seem to see is nothing more than a dream within a dream"

-Edgar Allan Poe.-


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