Discover conscious and emotional nutrition, aligned with your body and mind

Do you have a healthy diet but feel that the effort is not reflected in your body or your mind? Do you have good habits and yet you lack energy? Do you notice that it is difficult for you to manage your emotions and that this interferes with your well-being?

Let me tell you something: the only way to feel 100% healthy and achieve your physical and mental goals is to balance your body, your mind and your soul.

To achieve this, I will accompany you from a completely comprehensive and functional approach that will allow us to recover and enhance your well-being, through your habits and your diet and a more introspective process through yoga.

I help you maximize your physical and emotional well-being through nutrition and yoga adapted to your needs and your life stage.

You will improve your digestion, your emotional management and your response to everyday anxiety and stress with very simple techniques that you can apply in any environment and circumstance.

Dare to feel radiant!

Eating healthy and consciously is one of the purest forms of self-care.

I help you do it with a personalized plan adapted to your needs and circumstances so that you give your body the attention it deserves.

Who will accompany you?

My name is Clàudia, I am Integrative dietician and yoga teacher specialized in well-being and emotional development.

After studying a degree, a master's degree and starting to work 9 hours in the office, my physical and mental health they began to be affected because of that rhythm and lifestyle with which I identified so little: poor digestion, anxiety, hormonal alterations...

But I am grateful for all of this, because it was that anguish, that constant discomfort, that led me to change course from my career.

I was afraid, panicked, to start a totally new path. But a part of me knew it was my truth.

So I took a risk. I cried, suffered and laughed. I started studying Dietetics with an integrative approach while working. And then I traveled to Nepal to do a yoga teacher training international where I met absolutely wonderful beings and where I spent more than half a year of my life learning and teaching yoga.

To this day I continue training in both fields, and I am currently studying a master in Holistic Psychology.

I did and do all this, first, for myself. And, later, to help you. To feel good, alive, happy, healthy. To feel how you're supposed to feel.

Conscious nutrition

First session (1h) 70€

We delve into your habits and needs to create a completely personalized plan.


Follow-up sessions 55€


5% discount for students!

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