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Sebastian Llorach

Sebastià Llorach has been the director of Sattva-Sincronia since 2009. He studied Humanities at Pompeu Fabra University while carrying out his studies as a yoga teacher with Ramon Cases, AEPY trainer. Shortly after, he completed the Master's Degree in Human Nutrition and Applied Dietetics. He has taught classes since 2003 and has been a professor at Sattva Gràcia since its opening in 2006.

In the development of the class there are unlocking and breathing exercises to start (pawamuktasanas), followed by exercises to activate and strengthen (karanas and suryanamaskar). At that time the body is already in perfect condition to face the asanas: standing, face down, sitting and inverted.

It ends with a guided relaxation that accompanies the body in its absorption of the practice and its correct balance throughout the body. The postures that are worked on are a combination of recurring postures with new postures, to get the best out of knowledge and repetition, on the one hand, and on the other, enjoy and learn from variety and evolution.

He teaches both gentler classes where the breathing, stretching and relaxation aspects of postures are enhanced, as well as advanced classes where the energizing effects of Sun Salutations are enhanced, as well as creative sequences of postures of increasing complexity and amazing variety. He teaches both softer classes, as well as advanced classes where the energizing effects of sun salutations are enhanced.

“The longest journey is the one made within oneself”

Dag Hammarskjöld

“The focus of his classes is very unique, due to the luck of belonging to a very minority school where he was educated.”


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Sebastian Llorach


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