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Join Sincronia this month, and pay half of your first installment. No registration or permanence.

Single or trial class

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For €10

5 classes per month

Includes free online yoga!

For €35/month

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9 classes per month

Includes free online yoga!

For €49/month

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With all our face-to-face plans we give you access to our online plan forever!

Our online yoga plan, whenever and wherever you want

If you want to enjoy live yoga classes and videos to carry out your practice wherever you want, subscribe to Sincronia Yoga Online in Spanish and Catalan.

Your online yoga practice

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How to join Sincronia?

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Face-to-face and online classes

At Sincronia, we always recommend that, if you have the opportunity, you come to face-to-face classes at our center in Gràcia. Here we can learn, accompany each other and help you directly by being able to see your path and progress.

But if you are going to spend a season outside of Barcelona or do not live here, choose the online rate to attend our streaming classes and have access to all the recorded content of the virtual classroom.

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Of course! The trial classes have a cost of €10, but if after trying it you like it and hire a fee, we will deduct the amount of the trial class so that it is free.

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At Sincronia we work with the Timp App from which we manage class reservations, both in person and online. All classes must be booked through the app!

To request your reservation you just have to enter the following link and select the class you want to attend. This class will be subtracted from your bonus of 5 or 9 face-to-face classes per month (unlimited in the case of online classes), and you can cancel or change it up to 24 hours before the class.

Thus, you can choose the days and times that best suit you without depending on a fixed schedule.

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Only one face-to-face class per day is allowed, but you can come to online classes unlimitedly!

You can also take advantage of our Virtual Classroom if you feel like more. There you will find exclusive content of Pranayama, Meditation... in addition to all the styles that we give in the center.

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Fees and payments

We work with direct debit, since it helps us to easily manage the payments of all our students. For face-to-face classes we do not accept payments in Bizum, transfer or in hand unless there is a compelling reason.

This means that your monthly payment will be charged directly to your account, but don't worry, since you don't have a permanent contract, you can always write to us to cancel it before the 25th. !

See rates >

Your fee is automatically charged at the beginning of each month to the account you have indicated. But don't worry, as you don't have permanence, you can change your fee for the following month or unsubscribe, always notifying before the 25th of the month.

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Yes! You can change your fee for the following month or unsubscribe by always notifying before the 25th of the month, included. There is no cost for this procedure.

If you wish to cancel your direct debit, in order for it to be recorded, you must do so by writing an email to sincroniayoga@gmail.com

Write us an email to change your quota >

If you are buying our plan online, you can purchase it directly from the website with your credit card. However, if you have encouraged yourself to come to the center, your fee will be charged monthly by direct debit to the account you indicate.

As a general rule, we do not accept cash in our center except for exceptions.


Thank you very much for your interest!

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In August, the virtual classroom will work in weekly newsletter format

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