The benefits of sound baths for the body and mind

Discover the benefits of sound baths

You will have heard of the sound baths with traditional instruments designed for meditation and relaxation. Today from Yoga Synchrony we tell you the benefits of sound baths for the body and mind.

What are sound baths?

Sound baths are a journey of the senses. It is a method of deep relaxation and release of the subconscious based on vibration and sound.

The therapist, musician or bathroom facilitator, use different instruments both traditional and medicinal to bring practitioners to a deep state of relaxation. In a sound bath you will find Tibetan bowls made of different materials, gongs, wind chimes, chimes, etc.

Sound baths use different instruments

Everything is designed so that the sound passes through you and you immerse yourself in the bath of waves and waves of sound that will go through your body. If you imagine the human body made up of bones, muscles, tissue and above all water, you will see how sound can make us vibrate inside, almost at a cellular level.

Sound baths allow the mind to disconnection deep.

The sound during baths does not only enter through the ears but all over the skin, becoming a great receiver, like when we were floating in our mother's womb. The sound passes through the skin and the body vibrates and feels.

This is why some sound baths are performed by putting the practitioner in direct contact with the bowl or on a specialized stretcher with ropes that transmit vibration to the body.

Let's see what are the benefits of sound baths.

Benefits of sound baths

Relaxation of the physical body

The sound It is one of the most used relaxation methods due to its effectiveness. It connects us with our essence. Through sound baths you obtain a relaxation of the physical body very deep and lasting.

According to him yoga, each hour of relaxation with a sound bath, yoga nidra, deep relaxation or in a meditative state, is equivalent to 8 hours of deep sleep. The reason is that our body and mind reach the absolute disconnection which allows all systems to renew themselves: hormonal, digestive, respiratory systems, etc.

Clearing mental noise

Through pleasant sounds and other higher ones, such as bineural techniques, mental noise disappears. The incessant flow of thoughts focuses on the sounds through curiosity, surprise, and a sense of rest.

Active-minded people will follow every sound with surprise. Those with a calm mind will enjoy the scenery. But overall, you will experience the live the present moment through the sound bath and that is one of its great benefits. It creates a film of physical and emotional sensations where the talkative mind hardly has a place. Mindfulness without you even realizing it.

At the end of the session you will experience the “silence” effect invading your mind. Perhaps emptiness, perhaps fullness, or both at the same time in a moment without time or space.

Relaxation and disconnection: two of the benefits of sound baths

Body discharge

There is nothing to do, just allow the body to rest and the sounds to pass through it. Some of them will help you connect with roots and to unload the body on the ground. Other sounds will cleanse the organs of stagnant emotions and heaviness. Finally, the finest sounds They will transport us to almost disembodied landscapes and experiences.

You will feel as if your body will float above the ground.

Activation of vital energy

The sounds will empty your body and mind, but after that you will experience how they are filled with something new: vitality Y vital energy. It's like refilling the battery from scratch.

Few contraindications

Unlike other meditation practices, yoga or similar techniques, one of the benefits of sound baths is that they are practiced comfortably lying on the floor or sitting, making them accessible to the majority of practitioners, of all ages and conditions. Only in very specific mental illnesses should they be adapted and consulted with specialists before practicing them.

Vibration connects you

Another benefit of sound baths is the ease with which connects you with a different state of consciousness. Whether with a trip through your subconscious or a modification of your mental state. These sounds connect, bring messages and liberate.

A gift for the soul

Many people describe sound baths this way. They are something more than a rested physical body. Your body vibrates, it is filled with energy, your mind is discharged, emotions are regulated. Finally, your being shines and vibrates with the vibration that passes through your body.

So I invite you to let yourself be carried towards the journey of sound baths. We will be happy for you to try one of the sessions we do in Yoga Synchrony so you can enjoy all the benefits that sound baths can bring to your body and mind.


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