How Vinyasa Yoga can help you create a deeper mind-body connection


If you've heard of classes Vinyasa-Yoga, more active and with fluid movement, you will love to know their benefits and the reasons to enjoy of this type of practice. Today from Yoga Synchrony We explain how this exercise can help you create a deeper mind-body connection.

Being present through movement

Our mind it seems to be trained for action, instead, costs further be calm and quiet. Many times when we approach the practice of yoga we do it with a highly agitated mind from day to day and it is difficult for us to connect with the present moment and enjoy the pauses and silences.

Yoga teachers and teachers detect these difficulties when they see students open their eyes and look around as if wondering why we are not doing anything? It is well known in yoga that the most complex posture is savasana, the posture of the corpse, where we are just lying on the floor doing nothing but fully present.

Just as meditative techniques bring us closer to the real state of meditation, the practice of Vinyasa Yoga with its movement and synchronization leads us to a more present state of mind. With clear focus and no distractions.

Let's see it in detail.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Within the branch of more body yoga, the Vinyasa-Yoga, with its dynamism and variety, has established itself as one of the best known and practiced types of yoga in the west today.

The origin of Vinyasa Yoga are the "vinyasas" or breath-linked movements of traditional Hatha Yoga practice. The best known of these linked sequences is the salutation to the sun either surya namaskar. from a stance as you inhale you move to the next where your body expands and her, when letting out the air, you do it for go out to another position where the body is collected. One after the other, linked, breathing and feeling everything that happens both in the movements and in the postures themselves.

The Master Krishnamacharya, in the XIX century, popularized these sequences among his students and they created their own styles when they became teachers. Little by little this dynamic practice was gaining prominence within the yoga session until it became a complete method of approaching Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga benefits

Reduce the fluctuations of the agitated mind

According to yoga, The ultimate goal of the practice is to get closer to the state where the fluctuations of the mind are reduced or mitigated.. “Yoga is the ability to direct the mind without any distraction” – Yoga Sutras of Patañjali.

So the mind has a fundamental role in the class. Yoga is not about a series of exercises to become more elastic, strong or gain respiratory capacity. Is about find a balance between the physical body, breathing and emotions that brings us closer to this calm and transparent state of mind.

Surely if I ask you to relax your mind right now, just like that, it will be difficult for you to reach this empty state in which a spectator appears in you who is capable of observing himself, his surroundings and his own mind, as something different of "being". On the other hand, if the proposal begins with the flow from a series of body exercises in which you will find a rhythm, a breath and you will be able to observe your body and its tensions, your thoughts, your emotions and take them to the present moment, even this state arrives faster.

Mind-body connection through Vinyasa Yoga

There are a number of mental mechanisms That in They move away from our center, bringing us closer to distraction. The mind gets bored and we are in a society that penalizes boredom.

To compensate for this fact, the movement of this type of practice keeps you present at all times. It does not give rise to distraction, because after one posture comes the other, after a breath you must already position your body for the next movement.

The complexity of following the movements without getting lost, without getting distracted, is what keeps the mind in its place, totally focused.Like when you're so immersed in something that you forget to eat or go to the bathroom. The mind has a high capacity for absorption and concentration when it has a clear objective. And the target is the body.

Feel the body, understand its natural movements, free it from tension. The physical body and the breath will be our tool to access the deepest consciousness.

The great variety of postures within the sequence and the links between postures, which are both challenging and overcoming, make the practice of Vinyasa Yoga a joy for restless minds.

Movement like a dance where the flow will make you feel the magic of what happens when your mind is not in control. Synchronization with your breath and living in the present moment will help you let go of mental control..

I only have left invite you to enjoy one of our Vinyasa Yoga practices with our Yoga classes in Gràcia or through our online yoga classes, so that you find that internal rhythm that It will take you to a more present and liberated mind.

Silvia Gallego

Yoga teacher, author and editor of breathing books


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