Are you looking for a psychologist in Barcelona? Now yoga and psychology come together

Psychologist in Barcelona

through the years Sincronia Yoga It has been more than a yoga center, so much so that we have now incorporated a psychologist in Barcelona. Throughout this history, there have been different therapists, masseurs and other professionals who have been able to develop their activities and workshops with us.  

Among them, stands out Ignasi Sero Torroja, who, apart from being a founding partner of the center together with Sebastià Llorach, also practices mind-body therapy. More recently, it is psychologist in Barcelona and more specifically in Gràcia. 

Almost 10 years ago Sincronia Yoga opened its space in the Pere Serafí street in the Gràcia neighborhood. Over the years, this space has experienced brighter and darker years. Past crises, pandemics and other vicissitudes, today, Sincronia Yoga is one of the reference centers for Yoga in Barcelona. More specifically, the microclimate that Yoga represents in Gràcia, a charismatic neighborhood that lends itself to this type of activity. 

The will of this center has always been to provide care for people who promote health in all its aspects. As an integral practice, Yoga helps to regulate physical tone, the ability to relax, the breathing, mindfulness... In the same way and in addition, the open window of a psychologist's office in Barcelona seeks to continue feeding this mission. 

Although it is true that we are used to going to specialized centers and that we prefer to diversify our activities, in the end, the determining factor ends up being the person who accompanies us and the tools that he offers us. 

His experience as a psychologist in Barcelona and much more

Ignasi Seró has been practicing in the field of psychotherapeutic context for more than 15 years, firstly through massage and holistic relaxation of the Shiatsu Movement (providing tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine and other disciplines of psycho-body work such as Gestalt or Body Mind Centering). . Then with neurorehabilitation therapies such as the Padovan method and the integration of primary reflexes of Rhythmic Movement Therapy (BRMT). And more recently with the knowledge and techniques of the Degree in Psychology and his Postgraduate training in Dendros Integrative Therapy. 

If you have doubts, you can write to us and we will contact you with a phone call to attend to your demand and know how to contextualize it to clarify if we can help you. 

If you like to practice yoga and you are also looking for a psychologist in Barcelona, at Sincronía Yoga we can help you.


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