What is it and what are the benefits of mindful yoga?

Discover the benefits of mindful yoga and reconnect with your emotions

The yoga With a focus therapeutic It has benefits that go far beyond physical body. Today from Yoga Synchrony We explain what it is and what are the benefits of mindful yoga?

What is mindful yoga?

The mindful yoga is based on the ancient tradition of yoga and its approach to the body and mind, the new techniques of mindfulness and the trauma-sensitive view of yoga, to develop a safe space of physical connection with our body.

All the experiences we go through in life accumulate in one way or another in our body. Some create memories and intense pain blocks or even create a barrier for us insensitivity towards the body that protects us so as not to feel what we have accumulated again.

One of the benefits of mindful yoga is that it allows you to live in the present

Let's think that the mind does not understand the timeline: past, present and future. Our mind can live in the past Y re-experience the events as if they were happening at this precise moment. Or live in a permanent hypothetical future, What if this happens? What if it happens again? What if? What if?

memory levels

This happens due to the two levels of memory or to remember and live the events. There is a explicit memory (what happened, where, how, with whom) and a implicit memory (what I felt in that event and how I felt it). Just as explicit memory is distorts over time, the implicit remains and what we experience intensely remains in our body, it is not forgotten.

All the emotions we experience create a physical experience in the body that is general to the majority, our language is full of these experiences: butterflies in the stomach when falling in love, being a volcano with anger, shrugging shoulders in the face of doubt, covering the heart in the face of pain. Remembering the event that generated the emotion, either constantly living in the past with said emotion, the same parts of the body that experienced the emotion are activated again.

Thus through our body, we can recognize the physical sensations and the emotions that go with them. To go through all those locks and memories that remained stagnant in the physical body. To accompany us, to feel and love us again.

The practice of mindful yoga seeks to develop a greater sense of cmind-body connection. To heal and release everything stagnant and be able to live in the present in the best possible way.

To do this, he invites us to something as simple and at the same time as complex as live now. Mindfulness means consciously pay attention to the experience of the present moment with interest, curiosity and acceptance.

The practice of mindful yoga has many benefits on a physical and mental level.

Benefits of mindful yoga

Apart from the common benefits of yoga practice, the practice of mindful yoga also gives us:

  • Find a safe space to practice. There are no levels, no charges, no judgment, no comparison, no competition. You have time and space to develop your practice without having to prove anything to anyone.
  • Have options to choose your own path in practice. There are always alternatives so that the most important thing is your own listening and choosing based on what you feel at all times.
  • Learn to consciously feel the body and body movements in space. To reconnect with the body and its sensations.
  • Live in the present moment. Only this moment exists, everything else is left behind.
  • Share from security with the rest.
  • Regulation of the nervous system from calm and security.
  • Relearn to love ourselves and our body.

One of the contributions of yoga was to add the body as a source of mental and spiritual development. The therapeutic practices of yoga are based on convert this body into a vehicle for healing at all levels.

By removing the mind from thoughts, the obsessions, the loops mental of all kinds and bring it closer to the most basic, the body, its movements, its needs; We rebuilt the house from its foundations.

We invite you to try our mindful yoga classes so that you can experience your body in its entirety without blocks or limits and feeling increasingly free.


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