The main advantages of practicing yoga online

practice yoga from home

Perhaps you have considered starting or continuing your yoga practice this season, but your schedules or routines make it difficult for you to access your yoga center. Today from Yoga Synchrony We explain the main advantages of practicing yoga online.

At home or anywhere: The main advantage of practicing yoga online

practice from the comfort of your home is the main advantage of the practice of online yoga. You get home after work and having to go out again becomes a mountain, but you know that a practice will fill you with energy and at the same time help you rest before closing the day. You are a couple of clicks away from practicing yoga either live in streaming or by choosing the practice you want from the recordings available online.

Online practice brings you closer to the distant. Bring your teachers and study in the privacy of your home. All you need is a connection, be it with your mobile, computer or tablet, and the space to carry out your practice with peace of mind.

It's a great resource for vacation periods, or if you travel for work, even if you are far away you can continue practicing. You just have to connect and do your yoga practice online just like you would be in the city.

practice yoga online

Alone, with family, friends or whoever you want

Another advantage of practicing yoga online is that you can surround yourself with whoever you want. You will feel in the company and presence of the teacher and you will even share the experience with other students online or in person. But if you don't feel like being in the company of others, the privacy of your home is a great asset.

It is also a resource to practice with your partner or closest family without having to move all and pay various fees. Shyness is overcome behind the screen.

variety of styles

you will have available wide variety of styles to choose from. Depending on how you feel today you can do a more active class like vinyasa yoga or a more relaxing one like restorative yoga. You choose what suits you today and what practice you are going to do from all those available online.

You will be able to explore all the types of yoga that the center offers and choose what is best for you at any given moment or which style and teacher vibrate the most with you.

Flexible hours and always availability: another advantage of practicing yoga online

Thanks to the practice of online yoga you can steal time from time. There are no displacements, you will know the duration of the class in advance, both the direct ones in streaming and the deferred recordings.

That you arrive half an hour late from work because you do the practice on a deferred basis. That today you have little time, so choose a shorter class. plan your week even if you have complex schedules. There will always be an option available to you.

Total availability of times, schedules and freedom of choice They are another of the great advantages when choosing the online practice.

Your rhythm, your pauses

Many times, especially when starting in practice, we find it difficult to follow a class in its entirety. Either because we are out of shape, we don't know the postures yet, or because our pace is slower than the rest of the class. When practicing online, the “pause” is added among the advantages. Given that you can stop and continue without interrupting the class.

You can also repeat the practice as many times as you want. Going deeper into the movements, repeating the meditations or lengthening the rest. Your rhythm, your breaks, there is no rush, you can create your custom practice.

So now you know, you are just a couple of clicks away from starting your online yoga practice and enjoying all these advantages.

Silvia Gallego

Yoga teacher, author and editor of breathing books


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