Health benefits of chiromassage: Discover its importance

Relieve tension, one of the benefits of chiromassage for health

You deserve a good massage, sensory, pleasant Y asset May you recover your state of mind and health. Today from Sincronia Yoga We explain to you what are the benefits of chiromassage to health.

What is chiromassage?

The chiromassage It is a technique to massage the body where they are used exclusively the therapist's hands to obtain the desired results. As its name indicates: “quiros” comes from Greek and means hands, and "massage" comes from French and means knead. Therefore, chiromassage is the art of kneading with the hands.

Did you know that chiromassage originates in Barcelona?

The term was started by the doctor Vicente Lino Ferrándiz García, considered the father of chiromassage, in Barcelona, in 1920. Deep connoisseur of human anatomy and student of different styles of massages in Europe, the United States and Japan, applied everything to create a set of techniques that have reached our days and have spread throughout the world.

A chiromassage relaxes the body and enhances rest

The doctor provided a series of new manual techniques, executed with the hands, which allow it to adapt to the body of each person: kneading, rubbing and friction. This way you don't work on just one part of the body but, with a holistic view and personal of each individual, through the hands balance the entire body, both at the level physical, as energetic and even emotional.

Let's see what are the benefits for the health that a good chiromassage session.

Health benefits of chiromassage

Break deep tensions

Many times in Yoga classes and other activities, we see in the practitioners deep tensions, contractures, muscle and bone deviations caused by pain and the fatigue. All of this prevents students from enjoying their practice and sometimes no matter how much you try on your own relax the tense parts of your body need a relocation.

With chiromassage you will obtain the following benefits at a muscular and postural level: you will be able to relieve or even suppress muscle tension and/or postural alterations, relax and heal muscle injuries and improve the joint function.

The techniques that are used in chiromassage will help you break these deep tensions that are changing not only a part of the body where you feel the pain and contracture, but your entire body. position and even your attitude towards life. Your chest deserves breathe free, your arms give hugs, your legs and hips take the course and direction of your path and your vital energy circulate freely throughout your body to do what you want in life.

Balance the tissues

By directly influencing the fascia (or connective tissues of the body), another of the benefits of chiromassage is the oxygenation Y nutrition internal to tissues and muscles. It is about internal nutrition. By releasing tensions and locks that prevent the natural circulation and self-healing function of your body, the natural collagen recovery and the water of said tissues.

Furthermore, when accompanying the massage of mild oils like almond, you will feel all your skin (our largest organ) nourished and elastic after the massage.

Discover the benefits of chiromassage for health

Recover circulation

Chiromassage has a great therapeutic work When mobilizing, through friction and pressure on the body, it responds by recovering circulation blood Y lymphatic to tissues and organs throughout the body.

You will also feel this as a Recovery of your energy. You will feel more energetic and vital in every way.

The pleasure of taking care of yourself

The natural state of the body is freedom Y movement, but fatigue, heaviness or pain of all kinds (both physical and emotional) that different ailments Y routines they could have provoked you; They evoke us to a state of rigidity Y limitation.

Chiromassage liberates. Nails on sensitive hands and at the same time strong, the therapist will help you release pain and fatigue and recover energetic Y emotionally. Because taking care of yourself doesn't have to be restrictions and obligations, taking care of yourself is also pleasure and freedom.

Deeper rest

The chiromassage stimulates the nervous system, both balancing the points of the sympathetic system (action system), like the parasympathetic (rest system).

Consequently, a search is made for balance Between both. Also the massage itself active for later relax With which you will enter a state of deep relaxation both physically and mentally.

Your breaks will be more deep Y durable.

So I end just as I started, yes, yes, yes, you deserve a good massage and enjoy its benefits for your health.


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