And now to India...


I leave Sincronía for a while to venture into knowledge, a study trip to India where I will be delving into Vedanta

What is vedanta? we could call it a philosophy, although it is not exactly that, it is rather a tradition of ancestral knowledge, a vision that speaks to you of being, of yourself, of existence, of the highest truth on the spiritual and mundane levels; Revealing that they are not two different realities but one reality that apparently understands and diverges in itself, Vedanta speaks of what you really are, to free yourself from all sense of lack and find fulfillment with the reality of existence as it is. it is. Vedanta is the conclusion of the Vedas.

Ten years ago I seriously entered the world of yoga, beginning with asanas and the practice of Hatha Yoga, in a quest to give or find a deeper meaning to my existence, to understand who I am, to understand society, humanity and existence in its entirety, but without trying to respond to these concerns in an intellectual way but from a more spiritual vision that could quench that internal thirst to understand what I do, what I am, why I breathe, think and live...

After a 4-year training with Habib Ba at the Yoga Vida school and with his departure, there was still much to understand and understand... For some blessing of life, fortunately, shortly after I found another teacher to whom I have much to thank, Ananta Sri. That introduced me to the knowledge of Vedanta and I approached Shri Maa Poornapragya Saraswati from whom I had the grace to receive Diksha in the lineage of Sri Adi Shankaracharia, under his tutelage and that of Ananta Sri, I continued to deepen, mature and grow spiritually for several years. years, making pilgrimages to India and following various yogic practices of fasting, brahmacharya, yoga asana, etc... always under the teaching of Swami Ananta Sri...

Trying to continue going deeper and with the intention of reinforcing knowledge in this teaching tradition that is Vedanta, I signed up for the courses taught by Oscar Montero (disciple of Swami Dayananda) at Vedanta Academy; It was there that I found a really accessible and close way that was very well adapted to my life circumstances, since it allowed me to continue regularly and systematically learning this tradition. After having been receiving Oscar's teachings for more than a year, it has been again by divine grace that I found the possibility of doing a residential Vedanta course in an Ashram / gurukulam in India, where I will be able to deepen and dedicate myself to 100% at vedanta. This Gurukulam was founded by Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a distinguished and recognized Acharya (teacher) who has done a great job in transmitting this knowledge, belonging to an ancient lineage where the teaching has been transmitted from teacher to disciple of uninterrupted form, which has allowed maintaining the essence of Vedanta in its purest form.

The art…

In addition to taking a break from teaching Hatha yoga, which I have been doing for more than 5 years, I am also going to take a break from my artistic activity. that I have always carried out in parallel with my activity as a yoga teacher. And to close this stage with a flourish, it has been very pleasant to be able to make a mural in Synchrony that in some way comes to summarize in a pictorial way this search for the understanding of existence.

Sync in India...

As a teacher, it has really been a very pleasant and enriching experience to have been teaching and sharing the practice in Sincronía during all this time. Sincronía is a very special place for me because it allows you to really "be" since it widely respects each teacher's way of transmitting and understanding knowledge, a space where you can grow and learn continuously, both as a student and as a teacher. teacher quality...

Another great joy that has come along with this succession of events that take an important turn in my spiritual path, is to have the honor of conducting and directing a Yoga and self-knowledge journey in collaboration with synchrony (Self-knowledge Journey). On this occasion there will be 8 students who will accompany me on this great adventure, which, I suspect, will be an important experience as a prelude to future trips where we can continue to grow and learn, integrating and enriching each other in this great world of knowledge that it is the tradition of yoga and vedanta.

I'm not saying goodbye, but see you soon... thank you Synchrony team, thank you comrades, thank you students, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Because you are, I am… Because I am, we are… Because we are, it is.


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