Introduction to verticals workshop

“The practice of inverted postures brings great benefits to the
body, mind and emotional well-being.”

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How is the workshop?

The main objective of this workshop is to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge to balance on the hands, vertical or handstand with the correct technique and safely, to avoid injuries.

We will learn the correct vertical position of the body, different ups and downs, how to fall without hurting ourselves (rolling and turning). We will exercise the body and mind in a fun and creative way. We will work with progressive exercises, adapting to the needs of each person, and so that each one can progress at their own pace.

It will be practiced individually and in pairs, to also learn to assist a person vertically (standing). The session includes exercises standing, on the floor and with the wall, as well as postural exercises, struts (Sirsasana II), vertical on the wall and in pairs; and different rises and falls to the vertical.

If there is time we will practice vertical forearms (Pincha mayurasana).

“I loved the class, thank you very much!”

“I have never been given such specific and detailed advice on how to stay upright”

“I have been able to overcome fears and break the block that I had for a long time, after a fall on my back that I had while practicing handstand”

Benefits of inverted postures

The practice of inverted postures contributes to better physical health, increases the
self-esteem and self-confidence, it is also a way to overcome our fears and improve the ability to concentrate.

Inverted postures improve blood and lymphatic circulation, nourish the upper part of the body, especially the brain, activate the heart and the immune system, and also contribute to improving the hormonal balance.

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€30 | €5 discount for students

Taught by Silvia Perez

circus performer

“I have been practicing verticals, acrobatics, fabrics, trapeze and hoop for more than 7 years.

In the last 3 years I have started giving workshops to be able to share my knowledge, at the same time that I learn with the people who attend the workshops.”

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€30 – Workshop for non-students

€25 – Workshop for students

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