Yoga initiation workshop

Are you a beginner or are you taking your first steps in yoga? Do you have questions that you are scared to ask in open classes? Have you been practicing for a while, but do you need to strengthen the basics? This workshop is aimed to everyone, those who are complete beginners, those who are already practicing, or even those who have an advanced practice. The intention is to learn about the sequences and postures most often used in a class, with a relaxed pace, in-depth explanations and personalized attention. See the variations and alignments to look out for and know the adjustments that your body needs.

Join the the initiation workshop for less!
If you decide to register, we will discount this from your chosen monthly fee.
*Subject to paying by direct debit.

18€  (But we reimburse this if you decide to join Sincronia afterwards, and deduct it from your chosen monthly plan.)
Current students paying by direct debit 10€

October 10 from 17h to 19:30h


Jonatan González