Yoga initiation workshop

Are you a beginner or are you taking your first steps in yoga? Do you have questions that you are scared to ask in open classes? Have you been practicing for a while, but do you need to strengthen the basics? This workshop is aimed to everyone, those who are complete beginners, those who are already practicing, or even those who have an advanced practice. The intention is to learn about the sequences and postures most often used in a class, with a relaxed pace, in-depth explanations and personalized attention. See the variations and alignments to look out for and know the adjustments that your body needs.

When you start practicing yoga or even if you have been practicing for many months, doubts and insecurities often appear during the classes. You also feel the illusion of starting a new activity. The ideal is to have a safe space where you can practice from scratch, a place where all questions are welcome to build a solid foundation that gives you confidence and security and is the support to grow and enjoy yoga.

In the process of learning a new habit, you will have a place where you can go at your own pace, and respect your degree of knowledge and physical condition. In this way you will gain awareness of your body, calm your mind and feel better about yourself.

This workshop is designed to be adapted to all levels, not only for those who have never done a class before. You may need to understand how to adapt the postures to your body after an injury or if you are in a specific physical condition. It also welcomes those who have been practicing for some time but want to re-establish the basics. Or those who want a space for debate and to share sensations and of course to those who having an advanced level seek to recover the sensations of the first greetings to the sun.

The intention will be placed on the sequences and postures that are most often repeated in a yoga class, whatever the style. Understand the importance of breathing, discover the different breathing spaces and use it as a fundamental element of yoga. Work with a slow and specific rhythm, in-depth explanations and personalised attention and leave ample space to ask questions and resolve doubts.

In order to be able to introduce you to the elementary postures of yoga, we will try to go step by step. Crumble the greeting to the sun and then understand the sequences of Vinyasa. Strengthen the base and the necessary alignment for the standing and equilibrium postures. Pay attention to what is necessary to activate during the openings, flexions and torsions to avoid doing you harm. Understand the movements that make up the different postural groups to find a balance with your own body.

The yoga workshop for beginners is an excellent way to learn the needs of your body, validate and develop your full potential. Faced with the hectic life that charges us with stress and the need to achieve goals, return to the essential inner balance, calm the mind and feel settled on a foundation.

Join the the initiation workshop for less!
If after the workshop you decide to sign up for our yoga classes, we will deduct the amount of the workshop

Current students paying by direct debit 15€

1st February
From 17h to 19:30h


Jonatan González