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Yoga Basics ( Yoga for Beginners )

What is it?

The Yoga Basics classes are open to all levels and specially prepared for beginners or people who want to resume yoga after a while without practicing. Classes are based on the dynamic style of Vinyasa Yoga, linking movement with breathing to move from one asana to another. The rhythm of the classes is slower and more pedagogical than a Vinyasa class, to help the student understand the fundamentals of the practice. In this way, we work on strength and flexibility adapted to suit everyone on their individual yoga journey.

These classes can also benefit those who wish to review the basics of alignment, posture, breathing and concentration, whatever the level, with a more gentle physical approach. So, whatever your level of knowledge, your body or your ability, you will can work in a safe space, to gain confidence and strengthen your body, building the foundation of your practice.


  • You will gain confidence and security in yourself.
  • Adapted to any physical condition.
  • Slower rhythm to focus on learning.
  • Improve your physical health without a high impact practice.
  • Promotes concentration and self-knowledge.
  • Postures adapted to your need.
  • Greater body awareness and mobility.
  • Reduces muscle discomfort and prevents possible injuries.
  • Help to rest and reduce stress.


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