With the heat of summer no one wants to stay at home or in the office, the body cries out: Let’s go out into the street! Those who live in Barcelona, ​​and especially the residents of Gracia, know that when August 15 approaches, something big is approaching. Each year at that time the streets are decorated, the whole district disguises itself to celebrate its big week and waves of visitors walk every corner surprised, fun and full of an illusion that they feel like a gift.

What began in 1817 as an event organized in Can Trilla in honor of the Virgin of August, with masses, songs and open-air food, has gradually been transformed into the most recognizable neighborhood celebration in Barcelona. It was not until 1890 that the custom began to decorate the streets in an increasingly elaborate way. It was always a protest party, linked to the people and has suffered periods of great upturns, as in the decade of the 30s, or strong repression during the Franco regime and almost the abandonment during the 70s.

The tradition that lasts more than two centuries has not been lost and it is endearing to see for months that people of all ages come together to create something beautiful. They dedicate their efforts, their free time and their joy to transform our environment together. All because of the feeling of belonging, of being part of something bigger than the individual. The joy of surrendering to a shared feeling, a feeling of union, and that means exactly the word yoga: UNION.

Festes de Gràcia. Història

In the Fiestas de Gràcia it is difficult not to feel included, not wanting to be part of it. Each one contributes according to their possibilities and offers so that something bigger arises between. It is not a competition to see which street is better decorated, it is that each neighbor joins the surrounding people around him to create and it is the whole effort of each block that ends up developing a whole with a special spirit. This eagerness to build and contribute is with which teachers share what we know, we put at the disposal of others as part of this celebration. We celebrate the community and the union.

The corners of the neighborhood are organized to project the activities that can accord to those who live there and this is the third consecutive year that Sincronía joins the festivities to invite anyone who wants to join the practice that makes us feel connected with others and with the world. Every day at 9.15 we will close our space to open ourselves to the programming of the Maspons Street. The asphalt under the mat, the sky above the buildings, each connecting with itself in the center, inviting all those who go through our joint movement to join. On Friday 16 Maider Fariñas will give a Vinyasa Flow class, on Monday 19 Jonatan will guide us with her Vinyasa style and thematic classes, on Tuesday 20 Bianca with Hatha and we will close on Wednesday 21 with Jonatan again.

The experience is transformed when you leave the classroom. From a closed environment, concentrated and sometimes a little dark, you can move on to an explosion of sensations. Yoga has physical and mental benefits, and when practicing in an open space all your senses are activated, your hearing, sight or touch will notice different sensations because inside a room you do not receive so many stimuli. This poses a challenge to our ability to concentrate, because being in a place where there are more possible distractions, your mind must make an equivalent effort to be totally focused on postures and breathing, which will make your ability to concentrate increase

At the same time you break with the routine, you are leaving your comfort zone, you expose yourself to the world, to your shame or phobias and that leads you to a greater personal growth and an increase of your capacity to accept the changes. To be able to fully savor the moment, choose where you put your attention and enjoy being aware while you feel the breeze brushes your skin and listen, hopefully, the birds while you make your greetings in the sun.

When I teach a class I feel that this emotion that transcends the personal is what makes the practice of yoga a different experience. When you are in the mat fall all the masks and characters with whom we relate, breathing consciously helps us to see and disidentify from these farces. It works a little on the contrary that with the celebrations. Nothing is added, nor is it decorated to show something more pleasant than the everyday. If not remove the veils and disguises that prevent us from inhabiting a purer place that is inside each one. And that space, when experienced, is also shared, is common to all and then that translation of the word YOGA takes on all meaning.

Photographer: David Momblan 

With that same impulse to share and get together, to go out to the neighborhood, to reach everyone, even those who can not afford it or do not know what it can bring them, another proposal emerged: Yoga a la fresca. Exit the closed space of the classroom and be able to take the practice to a more natural place, with the revitalizing sensation of breathing fresher air. Flee the summer heat enjoying yoga in a park, travel through your body through the chakras and be surprised (because you do not know which of them will be the one that will appear!) By different teachers: Bianca, Savitri and Jonatan. Live different perspectives that have the same background, find a deeper and more universal truth.

The summer arrived, the festivities of Gracia arrived, and with the heat, it felt like going out, going to the beach, seeing yourself on a terrace, getting together, sharing. Whether in the mat or in the squares, whether for the excuse of a class or a holiday, let’s meet,

Let’s go out on the street!

Written by: Jonatan 

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