Yoga, an aid for anxiety


Yoga, an aid for anxiety

In this article we are not going to focus on what yoga means, or where it comes from, or even yoga postures. In this article we are going to focus on how yoga can benefit you against anxiety.

Yoga helps us understand our body and our mind, to control and synchronize them, which is why it is a great tool against anxiety. Anxiety arises with lack of control, when we feel that we do not control the situation is when we become "weak" and that is when anxiety attacks us. Each person is affected in a different way but they all have something in common, fear. Whether rational or irrational, fear is what makes us anxious, the fear of an unknown situation, a situation out of control. When that happens, our brain speeds up and so does our body, we lose control of breathing, either consciously or unconsciously, we begin to breathe less when our brain needs more oxygen to work, especially at that moment in the that our brain is accelerated, thus causing the "crash" and "burst" of anxiety.

In yoga we learn to be aware of our body, of each movement, of each breath, making it a habit, like when we learn to ride a bicycle. When we learn to ride a bicycle we learn to control the direction of the handlebar and the speed, since there has to be a synchrony between both, because if one of the two fails, we fall. Yoga teaches us precisely that, to know how to control... not the bicycle... but our body, to learn to breathe correctly, to be aware of our body and to "know how to carry it".

So... does yoga help with anxiety? Yes, yoga is a tool that helps us fight it, to keep it at bay. Anxiety will always be there, but with yoga we will have how to keep it under control and how to combat it. Over time it will be like riding a bicycle, we will not think about how to control it, we will control it unconsciously, thus helping us to overcome it. As a Sincronia Yoga teacher once told me: Anxiety is cyclical, it always comes back, but now we will have something to fight it with.

If you still have doubts whether it will help you or not, come and experience it for yourself to see how you feel before the class and after it. At Sincronia Yoga we have different styles and many Schedule so you can find the one that best suits you, if you don't know which one to choose ask us and we will be happy to help you.


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