Workshops and Training


Initiation Workshop

This workshop is aimed to everyone, those who start, have practiced it for long time or even have an advanced practice.

Taller Filosofia 01

Philosophy of Yoga Workshop

A workshop to enter the world of yoga philosophy, focusing on the teachings of one of the essential books of yoga: The Yoga Sutras.


Kirtan Workshop – The song of the soul

During kirtan we chant sacred words to raise our vibrations and experience the connection with what we truly are.


Training of yoga teachers pregnancy and postpartum

Are you a yoga teacher and do you feel that you lack tools to accompany pregnant women or those who just had their baby? You are mother and do you want to reorient your work life? Do you already work with pregnant women and want to go deeper and see how yoga can help them? You are pregnant and do you want to immerse yourself even more at this stage?


Reconnecting as a couple during the breeding

Babies are welcome!

A space for us in the curves of parenting.


Preparation for childbirth and postpartum for couples

You will go out with tricks for a childbirth easier, postures, massages and information for feel you three as a great team.