Vinyasa Flow

What is it?

Flow practice allows us to let go of tensions, negativity, what feels like a burden, and in its place cultivates lightness, balance, softness, elegance of movement, joy of feeling.

In Vinyasa, the sequences are constructed through equilibrium. A dynamic practice, but not too fast, it’s based on transitioning with movement from one position to another with elegance and balance.

A very emotional practice, where music is a very important element.
Unravel the inherent flaws of the human condition, which are simply defined as a devastating inability to satisfy.

Make your practice your moment of enjoyment, your experience of freedom and pleasure to increase the volume when listening to the body, generating a huge sense of well-being and building a light and strong body.


  • Calm mental agitation
  • Strengthens the body
  • Improves balance
  • Encourages concentration
  • Tones the body


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