Teresa Sabaté

Graduated as a chiropractor, reiki teacher and therapist in psychic surgery. She has a special interest in family constellations, taking several courses on this subject. With a long professional experience, she has worked in various therapy centers and alternative therapies over the years, allowing her to consolidate her training with her experience in the sector.

In a session with Teresa you can experience the practice of chiromassage, which can be more or less intense depending on the type of person. But she can also intersperse her practice with craniosacral therapy. This therapy is based on the graduation and stretching of the body fascias very imperceptible, but with great power over us.


If there’s one thing that Teresa stands out, it’s her passion and affection for her work. As she says:


“Massage is not only physical, it transcends much more. Generally, contractures are linked to emotions. Therefore, I try not only to work the physical, but also to release certain emotional parameters that are entrenched in our body.”- Teresa Sabaté.

Teresa 4.