Sāvitrī (Sonia Lindia)

“Present your presence into the present moment”

Acharya Yogesh


Sonia practiced classical ballet for 11 years, but nothing like Yoga allows her to gaze so deeply inside and discover the natural processes of the mind.

Of Italian origin, she discovered Acroyoga when she moved to Barcelona in 2011. Acroyoga became her medicine for a few years, allowing her to develop awareness of her emotions and full concentration on the present moment.

This experien of the encounter with another and with herself ,motivated her to complete her Acroyoga Teachers Training at Granollers in 2013. Wanting to deepen in the Yoga tradition, in 2014 she took a 6 months trip to India where she studied Hatha Yoga 100h at Mysore in the Adhi Yoga program. She also participated in a Yoga Multi-style Teachers 200h at Rishikesh, at the academy of Siddhi Yoga; which included training in Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Therapeutic Yoga every style of yoga has its intrinsic truth but is also complemented with others, as Yoga is one ,and the same time is everything, and its practice leads to the expansion of consciousness.


In India, also she delved with the practice of Bhakti Yoga that opened her to the understanding of the mantras: powerful words that vibrate in the energy body. Music is an element that moves the emotional body, therefore, she often accompany her classes with mantras and music. Her classes focus on correct breathing throughout the session, feel how the rhythm between inhalation and exhalation marks the movement between the asanas and how vigorous practice facilitates concentration of mind on the mat, lowering production of thoughts and releasing stress.

She completes her knowledge with the formation of Bach Flowers therapist in 2016 and a Vipassana retreat about the Theravida technique in Germany.