Silvia Gallego

“saṃtoṣāt anuttamaḥ sukha-lābhaḥ”

The result of contentment is the complete happiness

Yoga Sutras de Patañjali


A Telecommunications engineer by profession, years ago she decided to change her course and surrender to her passion: yoga. After completing university and joining the working world in the telecommunications market, she began to experience an emotional vacuum accompanied by various physical ailments (low back pain, frequent tension, asthma, anxiety). To alleviate them, and by those causal coincidences of life, she discovered yoga, and has not looked back.
After several years as a practitioner she decided to train with her master Habib Ba. As a teacher she started substituting for her master when he became ill and unfortunately ended up replacing him when he sadly passed away. Even so, as a lover of yoga, she is an apprentice and an eternal student, tirelesly seeking peace and happiness. She has learnt yoga as a disciple, above all, thanks to her teacher Habib Ba. She has also received valuable teachings from Montserrat Serra (AEPY Trainer), Marta Puig (Restorative Yoga), Mariona Royo (Yin Yoga), Swami Ananta Sri (Meditation) and Héctor Díaz (Energy Healing), as well as from of the people she has had the pleasure of meeting along the journey.

Silvia perceives yoga as a tool for recovering physical health, but above all for obtaining mental calm. Her personal experience has shown her that people who work actively with the mind can be prone to suffer stress, and with it, all the associated physical, emotional and mental limitations. Yoga brings us closer to a state of fulfilment, where from a centred and calm mind we are able to interact with the environment, not from the immediate reaction, but from the slow and deliberate action.
She is also the author of the book “Breathing and Yoga“, the fruit of the internal and personal search that has led her to the study and research of yoga and breathing.

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Silvia Gallego