Sebastià Llorach

“The longest journey is the journey inward”

Dag Hammarskjöld

Sebastià is the director of Sincronia Yoga since it’s beginning in 2009. He studied Humanities at the University Pompeu Fabra while also yoga teacher training with Ramon Cases, trainer of AEPY. Shortly after, he finished a Masters in Human Nutrition and Applied Dietetics. He has been teaching since 2003, and icontinues to teach in Sincronia Yoga since its opening in 2009

The focus of his classes is very unique, reflecting the style of his specialised training in a small, expert school. The classes begin with releases and breathing exercises (pawamuktasanas), followed by exercises to activate and strengthen (karanas and suryanamaskar).

With this preparation, the body is in perfect condition to practice asanas: standing, face down, seated and inverted.

The practice ends with a guided relaxation that allow the body to absorb practice and bring balance throughout. The positions practiced, combine repeated with new asanas to improve knowledge and repetition, on both sides of the body, and enjoy and learn about the variety and evolution.

His teaching style covers both, where breathing, stretching and relaxation postures are enhanced. As well as advanced classes where the energizing effects of sun salutations and creative sequences of postures increase in complexity and variety.