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Ignasi Seró, psychotherapy and personal growth

Registered psychologist (nº 30399), Ignasi Sero Torroja He has more than 15 years of experience with psycho-corporal accompaniment processes through Shiatsu, the Padovan method, the Integration of Primary Reflexes and other integration approaches between body, emotion and thought; including paths with aikido, body awareness or yoga.

And, essentially, it has its own life path in processes of personal growth, therapy and experiential workshops. Without forgetting, lastly and perhaps most importantly, his own trajectory, learning and recent fatherhood.

He opens his practice as a psychologist with the aim of offering you a careful space for psychotherapeutic accompaniment for processes of change or personal crises that need support to be carried out, thus awakening the ability to adapt and resilience to the new demands of the present (with less ballast of the past and easing anxiety about the future).

Conceive the sessions as a process of self-knowledge that allows you, from the relationship with the therapist, to learn to manage your emotions, unfold your potential and improve your self-esteem. In short, a place to investigate and, if possible, improve the relationship with yourself and with others.

psychotherapy techniques for anxiety

With the baggage of psycho-corporal work, you are given the possibility of managing the difficulties that cause stress, the anxiety or uncertainty; as well as the exploration of a new integration between body, emotion and thought if you suffer from psychosomatic symptoms. An opportunity to train new relaxation and self-regulation tools through the psychotherapy sessions that I offer in Barcelona. Also, if you are not from Barcelona or prefer to do the session from the privacy of your home, we can meet in a online session.

Also invite you, if you are or are a father, to find a space to vent about the vital changes with parenting, your partner and your family system. Even if you need a mediation process with your family or co-workers.

"I have started psychotherapy with Ignasi and it is helping me a lot in my process of self-knowledge and personal growth; I think it offers a space where you feel heard and understood and where you can feel free to express yourself without feeling judged."

- Martha

A horizon where to be by you and for you, discovering those parts that need more attention, space and care.


First session 70€ 

Following 65€ 

Duration 60 minutes

Format face-to-face and online

€5 discount for students!

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