Private classes and at home

Sincronia puts at your disposal private classes so that these adapt to your needs as student. The teacher pays maximum attention to your body, your abilities and limitations, and prepares a specific practice so you can fully experience the sensation of yoga, whatever your physical condition.

Beyond a dynamic or static practice, with more or less intensity, what is sought is to customize the class so that the person can work on specific aspects according to their characteristics. It is the ideal option if none of our schedules is compatible, if you have some kind of illness or injury that prevents you of coming to the centre or even if you prefer to have a private teacher to focus on accompanying you in your learning process.

These classes can be held in the same centre with the teachers that are already here or in the comfort of your home, it is not necessary to have a special place, just enough space to put two mats, yours and the teacher’s. The adaptability is the key, so the schedule can be organized according to your own availability. For it, you only must contact us and find the right moment for your private practice.


Rates and schedules

Private lesson of 1h 

In Sincronia Yoga 1 person: 45€
At Sincronia Yoga 2 people: 60€
At home 1 person: 55€
At home 2 people: 70€

Private lesson of 2h

At Sincronia Yoga 1 person: 60€
At Sincronia Yoga 2 people: 80€
At home 1 person: 70€
At home 2 people: 90€

Schedule to be agreed with the centre

From Monday to Sunday from 7 to 22h

Classes for more people and regular classes: Price to be agreed