Paula Ponce

My interest in health, well-being and human relations led me to study Psychology, which allowed me to understand the inseparable connection that exists between the body and the mind. However, it has been thanks to Yoga that I have been able to integrate the learning that today makes up my philosophy of life and helps me find balance and cultivate joy.

My path in Yoga began in 2018, at a time in my life when I suffered from anxiety and had a bad relationship with my body. Like most people in the West, I entered the world of Yoga through the practice of Asana (physical), but over time I have been realizing that Yoga is much more: it is a philosophy to live consciously that offers you a guide to face life's challenges with joy and dignity.

I have practiced and studied Yoga between Barcelona, Paris and India, and thanks to my training, I have the opportunity to accompany more people in their practice. My vocation is to share all the tools that have helped me on my way to lead a life free of anxiety and full of purposes that make me vibrate.

“My vocation is to share yoga, which has helped me on my way to lead a life free of anxiety and full of purposes that make me vibrate.”


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Paula Ponce


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