What is it?

The neurofunctional reorganization is an overall method of neurosensory development by Beatriz Padovan (hence the name “Padovan Method”), Brazilian and speech therapist pedagogue with over 25 years of experience and research.

This method is based on the pedagogical work of Rudolf Steiner, concerning their guidelines on the interdependence between walking, speaking and thinking; and research from the American neurologist and neurosurgeon Temple Fay on neurological reorganization.

The Padovan Method works with the evolutionary process that occurs or should occur in every human being (ontogenesis), which is the same as that of the species (phylogenesis), which is part of our genetic program.

Our senses (touch, balance, hearing, smell, sight…) are antennas used by the nervous system to communicate with the outside world. Depending on the status of these, and neurological pathways with which are connected, our response will be more or less adequate to the situation. In order to make our life project, we need a good neurosensory function. An inadequate information processing can cause us difficulties in spatial orientation, organizing motor responses, speech and language, the development of thought; and therefore, on learning, the managing emotions, social relationships, our place in the family, etc.

The neurofunctional reorganization work leads us to find and open new neurological ways and/or reorganize those that are poorly integrated or unripe. The exercises recapitulate the phases of the natural development of human being: from the most primitive movements, through walking , movements of hands and eyes and reaching speech.

The realization of all these exercises repeatedly, allows rebuild and strengthen nerve connections throughout the process described, and improve the development of the person so that can understand and express emotions and feelings appropriately, as well as develop of thought in a coherent manner.

The exercises are tailored to the developmental stage of each person, repeating them several times and avoiding muscle fatigue. The sessions are about 45 minutes approximately and the recommended minimum is twice a week, although the frequency varies according the severity of the case.


Aimed to people who have difficulties of speech and/or language, literacy learning or other areas, who have some disability, and anyone who wants to improve aspects of their life in general or some aptitude in particular (improve efficiency in sports, at work, in communication, at body level, motor, emotional, intellectual, organizational, etc.). Also people who, for reasons of accident or illness, have lost or have seen diminished some faculty.


1st informative visit: 10€

1st visit-evaluation: 35€

Price session: 35€

Material: 20€


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