What is it?

Structural osteopathy understands the person as a whole in its entirety. Therefore, understands and embraces the peculiarities of each one at the moment in which this person finds himself.

It consists of a set of manual techniques that through the knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the body seek the possible main cause that causes pain, discomfort or physical and emotional blockages. In this therapy, all parts of the body function as a unit that is kept connected through the different structures.

It is considered that the bone structure is closely linked to the functions of the organism and when it is manipulated it affects not only the mechanical and structural system, but also internal organs and fluids. Thus, is possible to treat all illnesses that involve pain because of an imbalance of body and mind.


  • Unlocks the body
  • Recovers joint and muscle problems
  • Relaxes or activates the nervous system
  • Also indicated to treat anxiety or stress problems
  • Promotes proprioception and correct posture of the body
  • Rebalances body and mind

Rates and schedules

Session: 60€

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Miquel Àngel Macareno