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Online Course: Meditation

In this online course we will review the fundamentals and basic concepts for and about the practice of meditation, which as you will see later, is not a practice in itself, but the practice of different methods and techniques that lead us to the meditative state that we commonly call and know as meditation.

Meditation is above all a state of consciousness which we can access through various techniques. It is precisely these techniques and advice that you will learn in this course to initiate or deepen your search for the meditative state that leads to clarity, serenity, equanimity and inner silence.

The dynamics of this theoretical-practical workshop will be divided in two phases, in the first one will be established the methods, advices and the technique to put them in practice in the second phase looking for that the learned in each class is practiced throughout the week to establish the practice in our daily life.


03/02: Foundations and concepts

10/02: Pratyahara: control and regulation of the senses

17/02: Dharana: concentration

24/02: In search of the meditative state

Wednesdays at 07:00am Online (Zoom)
To attend classes you just have to reserve your place through TIMP’s APP and you will get the ZOOM link minutes before the class starts.

FREE for students who have a monthly rate
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