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Online Yoga Course: Pranayama for emotional balance

This online yoga course, free for students on a monthly rate, is a pragmatic view of the pranayama (conscious breathing) techniques practiced in yoga classes, in order to take advantage of their health and mind benefits.

We will learn to listen to the breath and use it to our advantage. The breath is the tangible bridge between body and mind. Through the pacification of the breath, we will calm the mind and be more receptive to the changes and challenges that this era brings. Listening to it will lead us to the inner feeling. By regulating the breath we obtain prana, the vital energy. We will feel fuller, more centred and full of vitality.

Every month we will deepen in those techniques that bring us closer to specific purposes: to mediate with anxiety, to favour a repairing sleep, the cleaning and purification of the respiratory tract, etc. We will go through the maha pranayamas and incorporate other breathing techniques or body movements that complement a holistic vision of breathing.

The intention of the course is to give tools to create a daily personal routine according to the needs of each student. You will be able to continue practicing daily, between 10/15 minutes is enough to generate the habit and start obtaining the benefits. No previous experience is necessary, each student will start from a different point and will evolve. Every week we will review the different concepts related to pranayama and we will solve any doubts that may have arisen during the personal practice.

We start January with “Pranayama for emotional balance“. After a 2020 of intense emotions, paradigm shifts and breaking of beliefs; it is time to find again our internal stability and balance. To do this, yoga invites us to observe the breath, its external physical movement that produces mental and internal movement.


04/01 – The posture adapts to the body. The body breathes.

11/01 – dirga-sukshma, long, subtle breathing.

18/01 – Everything leads me inwards. The mastery of the four phases.

25/01 – Calm and emotions.

This course is for you if you want to know your breathing and all the mental and emotional processes that happen around it. It will also help you find that precious point of balance through which you can make decisions and focus on what is really important to you at this time.

The classes will be held ONLINE, so all students who wish to attend can book at the APP for TIMP reservations (just like a normal online class). And, if you cannot attend live, you can access them in the Virtual Classroom whenever you want.

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Mondays at 08:00am Online (Zoom)
To attend the classes you just have to book your place through the APP of TIMP and you will get the link ZOOM of access

Free for students with a monthly rate
If you are not a student and want to attend, enjoy our 14 free days of online yoga and you will have access to this and all our content: +INFO


Sílvia Gallego