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Online Course: Foundations of Yoga

This course, which is free for students with a monthly rate, is a gateway to all people who are just starting out in the practice of yoga and also for those who, even if they have been practicing for a long time, want to lay the foundations on which any yoga class is structured.

Through four online classes we will try to see which are the foundations on which we lay the postures and thus be able to feel strengthened to try the rest of the styles that we offer at Sincronia.

We want to create an open space so that you can ask yourself everything that you can’t in a regular class and also give the space for everyone to recognize their needs, all at a slow and gentle pace. The four axes are:

13/01: The importance of breathing
20/01: Standing positions and alignment
27/01: The movements of the back that define the postures


These classes will be held ONLINE, so all students who wish to attend can make their reservation at the TIMP reservation APP (just like a normal online class). And, if you cannot attend live, you can access them in the Virtual Classroom whenever you want.

Wednesdays at 19h Online (Zoom)
To attend the following classes you just have to book your place through TIMP’s APP. Minutes before the class you will receive your ZOOM link and password

Free for students with a monthly rate
If you are not a student and want to attend, enjoy our 14 days of free online yoga and you will have access to this and all our content: +INFO


Jonatan González