Sesión Padovan


The neurofunctional reorganization work leads us to find and open new neurological pathways and/or reorganize those that are poorly integrated or underdeveloped. The exercises repeat the phases of natural development of the human being. First are the most primitive movements (with and without displacement: turning, tracking, crawling, …), leading to the horizontal position of the erect posture and finally to fully upright walking dominating the space with rhythm and balance. After come exercises of hands and eyes, which also follow the natural evolutionary progression.

When we work on the development of learning to walk , neurologically we reach the ability to talk . Therefore, the last thing we work with are the oral reflex functions (breathing, sucking, chewing and swallowing), which are the basis of developing oral expression. If the entire system is developing normally, we learn to talk, and the development from here reaches further than simply the ability of speech.

The repetition of all these exercises, rebuilds and strengthens nerve connections throughout the process described. In addition, it improves the development of the person understanding and ability to express emotions and feelings appropriately. It also helps the individual to develop thought in a coherent manner: as well as understand and express it.

The exercises are accompanied by poems and/or songs recited by the therapist. This allows rhythm, hearing, imagination and synchronised in movement to work simultaneously. All these functions are very important for the evolution of the nervous system.

The exercises are simple, but not easy to apply, to ensure the sensory input is delivered in the correct way to be accurately processed by the central nervous system.

During the sessions there is a physical aspect and an oral aspect. There is no mouth without the body, or body without the mouth. Normally, someone who doesn’t speak well, does not walk well (understanding walking as the whole process of body movement), could have problem in this area. We work with areas to achieve results in different ways, like building the foundation of the brain and body.

The exercises are tailored to the developmental stage of each person, repeating them several times and avoiding muscle fatigue. Each exercise has a unique poem or song that accompanies the movement that is being done.

The duration of sessions last around 45 minutes approximately and the recommended minimum is twice a week, although the frequency varies according the individual person/s state case.