Maider Fariñas

“Yoga makes the impossible possible”

From a young age, she has been involved in performing arts and contemporary dance. One day, in 2008, she wanted to try yoga because she knew it had things in common with dance and, honestly, she needed inner peace. That day, at Sattva (Sincronia), she discovered a new way of life. Her practice was increasing until becoming daily and finally she decided to train with a great teacher, Sebastián Arbondo, in one of his visits from India to Barcelona.

When she teaches, she likes to guide the students on their own journey, encouraging their individual experience, challenging them to visit and practice outside their usual comfort zone. In her classes, she works with the senses, listening to the body, reaching a molecular level, investigating down to the very small places within the body, connecting with our interior, unlocking emotions and discovering a whole range of possibilities within ourselves.

She continues to deepen her yoga practice, practicing with different masters, conducting workshops, and combining it with various disciplines of movement such as contemporary dance or artistic gymnastics.