Kirtan Workshop – The song of the soul

Kirtan means “repeat.” It is also known as a specific traditional way of chanting mantras: Sanskrit words full of meaning with the aim of improving our consciousness and strengthening the connection with our inner Self. Everything is vibration and everything is connected, but we live such frenetic lives that we often forget to feel that. Through the repetition of specific sounds we connect to a deeper layer and changes in perception can occur, as well as the opening of an emotional and intuitive channel. Another powerful effect of Kirtan is that it connects us with the emptiness of the mind, therefore, there will be a general feeling of relaxation and relief from stress. Savitri will guide you through a journey between Indian tradition and mythology. You will be able to sing, learn about mythology and especially connect yourself on a deep level. This activity is open to everyone, no previous singing experience is required.

Sonia: Sāvitrī is the spiritual name of Sonia Lindia, yoga teacher at the SincroniaYoga center.
Since discovering Yoga, he has been connected to the mantras of the Hindu and Sikh tradition and has participated in the duo Shunya Sangeet co-creating spaces of bhakti and kirtan in Catalonia. A year ago he had a karmic and revealing encounter in India with her teacher Om Baba. From that moment her relationship with meditation was strengthened, and the chanting of mantra began to be a daily self-practice that led to the composition of some of the songs she will play.


Roger Fe: Social Educator (Universitat de Barcelona). He has 15 years of experience in the world of sensellarisme. Previously he has worked as a street educator with young people in situations of exclusion (mostly Latin bands) and within the world of functional diversity (leisure and sports). As a sound technician and “non-regulated” musician, he has been linked to several projects with music as a tool for social transformation. He is a member of the rock band “Lo Pequeño Comité” and a student of Sincronía for 4 years. Sonia, in addition to the friendship that unites them, is their yoga teacher of reference. He has opted more for practicing Vinyasa, which has allowed him to also enjoy the classes of Jonatan (who is currently organizing a Yoga Retreat called “Return to the Senses“). Thanks to this contact with yoga he has entered the world of Kirtan.


Nuria Guasch: Social Educator (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). She has worked with socially excluded women, monomarentals families victims of gender violence, with young people deprived of liberty and currently does so as a technique of the office of attention to the victim of crime.

She studied violin at “la Escuela municipal de música de Ferreries” (Menorca). He has always maintained a very close relationship with music, being part of several projects where this is the means to work the empowerment of vulnerable people. She coordinates the Riborquestra (intergenerational orchestra of the Ribera district of Barcelona) and conducts the women’s choir “Mujer Gospel” of “El lugar de la mujer”.

Price by donation

December 22 from 20:15h to 21.45h



With Sāvitrī (Sonia Lindia)
Accompanied by Roger Fe and Nuria Guasch