“Continue to sing the joy of Truth in all your actions, in each of your look, in every word you speak, in every thought you have. Stay in the centre of the beautiful silence within you and act at the rhythm of devotion to the being that always dwells in your heart”

Swami Chinmayananda


Késhava was first trained in Fine Arts and Design for graphic communication, seeking to experience life from a more sensitive and creative point of view. He was especially attracted to painting and visual media. Regrettably, he soon saw the limitation that economic interests, via marketing, had on his creativity and so, he began to lose interest in this work. It was in that moment that he decided to move to Barcelona to broaden his horizons and knowledge about art and creativity and try to recover his passion for the arts. However, that feeling of emptiness and superficiality lasted and only disappeared during the visual and creative design process that he has practiced since childhood.

From this professional crisis, the search that led him to Yoga was born. Touched from the first moment by the ancient practice changed, not only how he lived, but also how he perceived his own life. He was filling that existential void little by little and drop by drop, with his knowledge and practice. Finally reaching serenity, love, fullness and equanimity, aspects in which he continues to deepen.


Yoga, for Késhava is a wonderful science, philosophy and way of life, which helps us to rediscover the essence of our human and spiritual dimension. The most precious thing in his experience as a teacher is to be able to share the knowledge and be a transmission channel for this ancient science. So that every person can benefit from its invaluable techniques, teachings, traditions and customs, which make up its immeasurable world of knowledge.

“Thanks to my beloved teachers Shri Maa Poornapragya Saraswati, Ananta Sri and Habib Ba, I have learned to value objectively the great treasure that this extraordinary science contains, to get closer to this knowledge with humility and respect and to transmit it with love and responsibility. I hope to share with you many hours and days of learning, growth and improvement, from our most mundane dimension to our highest and most spiritual dimension. Hari om.”