Jonathan González

“Yoga is the way to recognize your true nature”

Bhagavad Gita


Jonatan González Díez, graduated in photography (year 2004-2006) and completed a degree in Journalism at the University of Valladolid (promotion 2009-2014). All his life, he has been connected to the fields of body movement and sport, for many years playing to handball at semi-professional level. After dedicating 7 years to a career in photojournalism, in 2011 and 2012 he lived in China immersing himself in the Asian culture. It was there, he discovered Tai chi and Chi-kung and he began to appreciate philosophies of movement, the integration of body, mind and energy into the same activity.

He lived for several years between Spain, Southeast Asia and South America practicing with different teachers. Arriving in Barcelona in 2016 he met his teacher and began his intensive practice. The same year he trained in Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga at the Mandiram school and deepened his knowledge of anatomy training in Chiromassage at the ISMET school.

Jonatan - Vinyasa 03

In yoga, he has found the space where you can observe, care and meet yourself. A place that offers balance and tranquillity, and above all the happiness that only comes from stillness in the mind. Sharing yoga, with the single intention of offering these benefits to others is his passion, because through yoga he has discovered his internal drive: to dedicate oneself to others.

In his uniquely styled classes, he combines the statics and alignment of Hatha’s practice with the dynamism and diversity of Vinyasa. But always with an internal focus, with the interest and intention that, through yoga, everyone can discover their true nature, gain greater self-knowledge and feel the fullness of union within themselves.

“What concerns you is action, not its fruit. Do not let the fruit of action be what moves you, but do not cling to inaction. Stay balanced in success and failure because yoga is equanimity. Yoga is wisdom in action. “

Bhagavad Gita