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Irina Albanell

I began my yoga practice out of curiosity. I had heard so much about it and its endless benefits, that I wanted to find out what was the deal about it… The first class was very confusing, however the wellbeing I felt from that moment hook me up.

Consistency on my practice made me realize how yoga went beyond all asanas, even prana. I started exploring other types of yoga, and dig deeper on its philosophy. Going deeper on the yogi life made me question: wouldn’t this be something you want to do all day, every day?

And this is how I enrolled on my first Vinyasa yoga training at Daya Yoga Studio, in Brooklyn. This first course made me understand that I chose a path that was endless, as it is so rich and constantly evolving.

I wanted to complete my first chapter of training, and decided to stay out of urban areas for it, and I travelled to a very small island in Thailand to receive my 200hr Vinyasa training, sealing my commitment with yoga.

The therapeutic aspect of yoga and how it can be used for very specific physical and mental conditions are very appealing to me as a teacher, as well as how it helps and enhances other disciplines (dance, martial arts…). I like working on my classes in a holistic way, with discipline and focus, seeking strength from within, exploring the differences that each micro movement make, without falling into stiffness or solemnity- after all, this is about finding lightness and balance!

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With this class we will explore the limits of physical sensation from a place of tenderness and surrender to each pose, instead of doing it from muscular tension and mere physical strength. A smooth flow will open our senses and bodies, and from there we will hold each asana for a longer period of time so that we can give ourselves to it and get all the benefits for our body, mind and soul. What seems like pure stillness hides a constant evolution of the posture, without adding pressure to it, allowing to go deeper and calming our thoughts and emotions. This creates a balance of sensations that you’ll be able to take with you beyond the studio, creating tools that will come in handy for those moments were we most need serenity.