Irina Albanell

I started my yoga practice out of curiosity. I had heard a lot about it, about how it was an inexhaustible source of benefits... and I wanted to check it out for myself. The first class was a total bewilderment, but the well-being that it made me feel hooked me from that very moment.

The constancy in going to class made me realize that yoga went far beyond asanas, even pranayama. I was exploring more styles, and delving into the philosophy of yoga. Going deeper into it made me vibrate with emotion and I became more and more trapped. Until one day I thought, hey, maybe you want to dedicate yourself to this every day...?

And that's how I started my first Vinyasa training at Daya Yoga Studio in Brooklyn. This first learning made me understand that I had chosen a path that could never be exhausted, due to its richness and constant evolution. I wanted to complete my first training phase with another course, and I decided to leave the urban centers for it, and I went to a small Thai island. At La Casa Shambala I studied the 200-hour Hatha course, thus sealing my commitment to yoga.

I am very interested in applying it therapeutically for specific physical/mental conditions, and combining it with other subjects (dance, martial arts...). I like to approach the classes in a holistic way, with discipline and concentration, seeking strength from within, investigating the difference that each micro movement makes, without falling into rigidity or solemnity. Which, after all, is about finding balance and lightness!

As a student, I continue to explore this discipline in all its aspects, challenging myself on a physical level, learning new forms of prana, practicing its philosophy… the deeper I go, the more I realize how I will continue to be a disciple for the rest of my life, and I love it.

With this class we will seek the limit of physical sensation from tenderness and delivery in each posture, as opposed to a practice from strength or involving muscle tension. A fluid sequence will open the senses and the body, and will serve as a starting point to maintain postures for longer, thus being able to surrender to them and enjoy all their physical, mental and emotional benefits. The apparent stillness of the body masks a constant evolution and without pressure, which allows us to go much deeper in each roast, helping to transmit calm to our thoughts and emotions. This collaboration generates a balance of sensations that you can take with you beyond the walls of the studio, creating very useful tools for the moments when we most need serenity.

“With the classes we will seek the limit of physical sensation from tenderness and dedication in each posture, as opposed to a practice from strength or involving muscular tension.”


You can watch their video presentation below!

Irina Albanell


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