Ignasi Seró

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”.



With degrees in Humanities (UPF-2004) and Social and Cultural Anthropology (UB 2008), he first entered the field of body awareness through the practice of Aikido (2001). This exploration of movement lead him to Shiatsu completing his studies at Escola de Shiatsu i Moviment of Barcelona (2008). Working as a training assistant for the next 3 years, he served as practicum supervisor at the same school (2008-2012).

Ignasi founded the Shiatsu Moviment Empresa (2009) where he expanded his experience in the relaxation and body work field for groups in different sectors: civic centres, cultural centres, therapy centres, spas, fairs and others.

In 2010, he completed the training of Neurofunctional Reorganization (Padovan Method) with Beatriz and Sonia Padovan and expanding his scope of work to the field of neurorehabilitation. Complementing his collaboration with the centres of speech therapy Cap-i-Cua (Cardedeu) and Creixent (Girona), he trained in the Therapy of Rhythmic Movements and Integration of Primitive Reflections (BRMT – “BLOMBERG RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT TRAINING”) with Eva Rodríguez.

He managed the centre of Shiatsu Girona (2011-2013), returning to Barcelona and to open Sincronia Gràcia in 2014 with the collaboration of Sebastià Llorach, working in parallel in many other areas including: child care centres, private organisations and companies.

He is currently studying a Degree in Psychology (UOC) and continues  to immerse himself in psycho-corporeal self-knowledge, complementing his training with resources such as aikido, Gestalt psychotherapy, yoga and children’s development.