Hatha Yin Yoga

What is it?

In yin-style hatha yoga classes, a respectful yoga is practiced with each individual’s current state of body, and wellbeing that seeks to stretch us, alleviate ailments and improve vitality. We work the physical body to calm the mind and emotions. We are not looking for perfection or personal improvement in the postures, but the benefit they can provide us: decompress the spine, release the deeper muscles, relax, restore, recover, adapting the positions to our body and current state and not to the reverse. Yoga is not a competition with oneself or with others. We observe to know ourselves and practice from our centre, present, attentive and relaxed throughout the practice.

The classes are always structured to begin with the higher levels of activity and vigour of the vinyasas (connected movements) and progress to the calm and relaxation of the final more floor-based poses, (yin and / or restorative positions). To move from yang to yin, from activity to calm, to obtain the benefits of both conscious action and relaxed surrender. All this combined with breathing, that is key in the practice of yoga. Giving generous space for final relaxation in savasana and time for pranayama (conscious breathing) every two weeks to close the practice.

The voice and sound will accompany us during the classes to achieve this state of deep conscious relaxation, that helps us to disconnect from the external and go deeper into the journey towards internal discovery.


  • Reduces physical and mental fatigue
  • Maintaining static postures helps to alleviate and reduce physical tension
  • Provides lightness and spaciousness to the joints, especially the spine
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Activates the relaxation response of our body
  • Stretches both the muscles and the fascia of the body
  • Centres the mind and brings a deep mental calm
  • Help to disconnect from our day to day
  • Suitable for all ages with certain adaptations in case of injuries (especially in the spine, knees and hips) in the most demanding positions.
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Silvia Gallego