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Hatha Mindfulness

Within the practice of Hatha yoga and the innumerable asanas (postures) that we can perform to a greater or lesser degree of difficulty, one of the objectives we seek is the purification of the body; detoxify, stimulate glands and energy points to help our body in its process of cleansing and self-cleaning to maintain optimal health, we know that asanas do a deep and very important work in this aspect, in addition to allowing us to get closer and know more and better our body, its possibilities, its nature of movement, its limitations etc…

On the other hand, when we perform the asanas with full and detailed attention in the breath, the postures in dinamic and the postures in static, feeling every little change that is going happening inside both physically and mentally, emotionally and respiratoryly, the benefit of the practice increases considerably … And this is precisely what we are looking for in the practice of Mindfulness Yoga, getting a full attention to deepen each time more in that bio-connection body – mind – breathing … Throughout the practice of yoga mindfulness we are heading or towards a meditative and conscious state in which to find the harmony between thinking, feeling and doing … When we achieve alignment of these three important centers there is an intense sensation of clarity and inner serenity that is being established more and more firmly in our personality, allowing us to face the vicissitudes of everyday life with greater equanimity and contentment, independently of the circumstances that life presents to us in its daily becoming.

Yoga Mindfulness is a hatha applied with techniques of meditation and conscious observation, a tool of self-discovery that will help you to develop mindfulness, conscious and equanimity skills.

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