Dynamic Hatha

What is it?

There is often confusion about this branch of yoga. Many people think that the term “Hatha Yoga” refers exclusively to asanas and pranayama. The goal of practicing asanas and pranayama is the same as for any other form of sadhana yoga (practice to improve oneself): the realization of a higher energy. Asanas and pranayama are tools that are used to gain control over the mind and prana (life force) and to ultimately reach that goal.


Asanas and pranayama are just two of the hatha yoga techniques. The practitioner should try to live his life according to the ethical and moral bases of yoga, as well as practice meditation. Hatha yoga begins with the practice of the physical body. And little by little, gaining control over the physical, the practitioner tries to gain control over the prana… and through the control of prana, one gains control over the mind.


  • Develop the body and expand the mental faculties and spiritual abilities.
  • Good health. Health is a state where all organs function perfectly under the intelligent control of the mind.
  • Flexible body. Yogis say that your age is determined by the flexibility of the spine. Yoga postures are mainly focused on the health of the spine, its strength and flexibility.
  • Control of prana, or subtle energy, which leads to control of the mind. The greates manifestation of prana in the human body is the movement of the lungs.
  • Decrease of stress. In order to regulate and compensate the work of the body and mind, the best is to learn how to economize the energy produced by our body.
  • Control of mental agitation by concentrating the mind.


Carola Lobo
Bianca Wooldridge