Payment your rate by direct debit

In Sincronia we reward your commitment with if you pay your monthly yoga rate by direct debit

  • Possibility to pay the proportional part of your month’s rate the first time you sign up. *
  • Direct debit includes the entire online offer (Virtual Classroom + Zoom Classes)
  • Discounts on yoga Workshops.
  • Special prices on all massages and therapies of the centre.
  • Yoga material and massage draws, as well as massage sessions, workshops or private classes.

* Not applicable if you cancel your pay by direct debit and you want to resume it.

We also inform you…

  • If you cancel your registration and pay it again later, the fee will have to be paid.
  • Direct debit has a minimum stay of 3 months.
  • If you need to unsubscribe before 3 months, there is a cancellation fee of 19€.
  • If for one or more months you cannot attend but want to continue being a student, you can PAUSE your fee by switching to the Online Rate of 9€ per month. During this break period you will have access to the Virtual Classroom and our digital content.
  • You can change your quota of next month or unsubscribe ALWAYS WARNING BEFORE THE 25TH DAY OF THE MONTH, included. There isn’t cost for this procedure.
  • If you wish to cancel your payment by direct debit, for it to be recorded, it is necessary to do it by email to