Cristina Poll

“If you really pay attention to life, life will flourish in you. If you do not pay attention, you’re somewhere else. ”



Cristina Poll Moliner, graduated in physiotherapy (UAB-Gimbernat, 2013-2019) with 44 years. He began his studies on the corporal through shiatsu and movement (2005-2008), and later studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (Cenac, 2008-2012). Learn and practice non-violent communication since 2013.

The knowledge in its globality, at the service of the person. In a session with Cristina you can find yourself lying on a futon doing physiotherapy, come with a backache and end up talking about digestion and receiving a “massage” in the gut, or what is the same, visceral osteopathy. It is not very strange to start the session of Shiatsu receiving a half hour long empathic listening … For her, the important thing is to focus on what each person needs at each moment, and above all, be both satisfied with the plan. In his opinion, it is crucial that the person served actively participate in the learning process: what happens to me? What can I do to be better? Understanding what happens to tissue or how a joint moves helps manage pain and understand pain helps manage what happens to the body. Recognizes the body as an integrated system where the physical: muscles, fasciae, joints, nerves, viscera and organs are related to each other and to emotional and cognitive processes, generating global and concrete responses. Consider the body as a grateful ally to be taken into account.

Each session should provide something for life, for the day to day, as it is, restore the movement of the wrist without pain, solve a cervical injury, understand how the position in front of the computer affects breathing, stress and the joy of living…

Each session is an opportunity to discover something new or remember something important. Cristina facilitates learnings about practical and experiential anatomy for movement professionals such as shiatsu therapists or teachers of yoga and body awareness.