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Candlelight Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop

The season of autumn is a reminder that we need to draw our energy inwards, and nourish ourselves in preparation for winter like we see around us in nature. 

Most of us are living lives in a state of urgency, and pressure, focusing on the future, or dwelling on the past. Rarely do we take the time to slow down and connect with ourselves in the current moment. 

This workshop is designed to create a fully restorative experience over the duration of two hours. Providing a space to completely unwind, release tension, and soothe the body and mind.

The yoga practice will be a journey that moves from from grounding, to uplifting, to deep connection, and finalising in conscious relaxation. 

Starting with a series of classic Hatha postures, moving consciously and slowly, holding the postures for longer breath cycles, we begin to sync the movement of the breath, with the body and mind. Creating a state of true connection to yourself in the moment. 

Following with Yin postures, allow us to sink even deeper, maintaining stillness for longer periods of time. Progressing the practice and preparing the body and mind for the extended relaxation and meditation to complete the practice.

With soft candleight, and use of essential oils integrated throughout the different stages of the practice, we will create an even deeper mind and body experience.

This workshop is an invitation to take care of yourself, enjoying an afternoon to completely dedicate to you. Unwind and connect through an integrated yoga practice and sensory experience, without any need to reach a goal- simply to be with yourself in the moment.

The teacher, Bianca comes from a background of high stress corporate life. Having experienced the damage that type of lifestyle can have on the physical and mental body, she enjoys helping people to bring balance back into their lives. To slow down, release striving, and connect with themselves through Yoga and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Students paying by direct debit 15€

November 9th
from 17:00h to 19:00h


Bianca Wooldridge