Body Awareness

What is it?

Body awareness is a new activity to be able to give introductory tools to body work, making dynamics linked to feeling one’s body, both in static and in movement.

It is a synthesis of different proposals in order to prepare the body to be available and improve well-being and/or train it for more demanding practices such as yoga or other disciplines. You can learn to feel your body, exercising it without tension or forcing it, by means of gentle stretching, adapted to the rhythm of your body. With basic yoga postures, you can improve your body posture, your breathing and ability to concentrate and relax.

In this activity, will be used dynamics from different disciplines such as yoga, aikido, self-massage, tai-qi, conscious movement, as well as tools of Chinese medicine, basic breathing techniques and neurofunctional development patterns of the evolutionary movements of the human, integrating primitive reflexes that can generate some physical discomfort.


  • Improvement of body posture and musculoskeletal conditions derived from daily wear.
  • Reduces levels of anxiety and stress.
  • Increase lung capacity through work with breathing.
  • Encourages the capacity of concentration and relaxation.
  • Indicated for people with physical difficulties or without body work baggage.
  • Deepens in a better perception of the body and the conscious use of it.


Ignasi Seró