Bianca Wooldrige

Bianca Wooldridge

Bianca is from Tasmania, Australia, and has lived in Melbourne, London and now Barcelona which has been her home since 2013.

Graduating from Monash University in Melbourne with a degree in Marketing & Psychology, she leapt into the corporate world, working in international marketing for multinational companies such as L’Oreal, and Fisher-Price. Her work took her from Melbourne to London, and Barcelona- where she discovered her love of Yoga as a way to balance the stress  and demands of the corporate environment. She became a student of Sincronia Yoga in 2013 when she arrived in Barcelona and discovered she could practice some classes in her native English.

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In 2017 after a serious health crisis, she dedicated more time to yoga as a way of healing herself. Not long afterwards, realising that her old lifestyle would continue to make her sick- she stepped away from it, to create a new life path of health for herself and to be able to help others.

She trained in Yin Yoga under a student of Sarah Powers, one of the original founders of the style. There she discovered the importance of balancing out our hectic and Yang-centric lifestyles- and how important being in tune with the body is for our physical and mental health.

Then she travelled to India, to train in the traditional Hatha Yoga style with Surinder Singh. Developing a deep respect for the traditional practice and it’s country of origin.

At the same time she trained in Integrative nutrition with the number one Health Coaching school in the world IIN- based in New York, becoming a fully qualified Integrative nutrition Health Coach.

Bianca’s believes in treating the body and mind with fierce compassion, both through a yoga practice, and through living a healthy lifestyle. Being aware of your body’s needs and limitations, without judgement or comparison. With this approach every single person can improve their health and wellbeing, with enjoyment, regardless of their current state.

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