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Andreu Cabré

I was first exposed to yoga at the age of seventeen. Somehow, I had found a basicyoga guide in the bookshelves at home. The rest of the family was out for the summer break, so I started practicing asanas and meditation on my own. I kept at it for a couple of years, following my own intuition and the advice in the books I read.

This first solo experience would define the way in which I approach yoga: I believe we all have an inner voice that guides us in our practice. The way I teach is informed by the ability to listen to our inner guides, while taking advantage of the traditional Hatha Yoga approach.

After this first exposure to yoga, I got into martial arts. For a few years, I studied Aikido with master Jordi Calvet in Barcelona. Later on, I would move to the US where I kept my Aikido training with Paul Sylvain Shidoin and David Stier Shidoin.

I also studied Capoeira briefly with master Joe Seitz. After a while, I decided to go back to my yoga roots. I retook asana practice with Lynne Paterson and George Nager at their Prakasa Yoga Studio in the hills of Western Massachusetts. There I would also receive a bit of Kundalini yoga at the hands of Anastasia Blaisdell.

In 2010 I came back to Barcelona, where I decided to focus entirely on yoga under Sebastià Llorach’s guidance at Gràcia’s Sattva (which would become what is now Sincronia). I still consider myself a student of his and of the many great teachers at Sincronia.

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Between the years 2014 and 2016, I studied Hatha yoga following Sri Dharma Mittra’s Dharma Yoga with Mariona Costa and her team of teachers at Yogaia in Barcelona. A couple of years later I began practicing Tantra Yoga following Sara Farré’s teachings. Sara is a disciple of Enlightened Master Babaji Kalyan Jay Singh. More recently, I completed my yoga teacher training with master Upender Arya of the Yogakala School, with whom I did an Ayurveda and Yoga master course. Some day, I would like to travel to India in order to go to the source of Yoga and Tantra. I will keep listening to my inner guide to know when the right time has come.