“I am so grateful to what yoga has done with my life that I always seek to share it”


My first contact with yoga was casual, at that time I was working as a gym instructor and I wanted to do an activity that relieved the stress and multiple contractures I used to suffer.


I started attending yoga classes, and was surprised when I discovered that Hatha Yoga was more than just relaxing and doing simple stretches. From the first class I noticed changes, both physical and mental. Every class of Yoga I took, increased my interest. I was drawn to it, and it fulfilled me so much that in 2014 I considered the possibility of training as a Yoga instructor. I travelled to India and I did my first 200 hours training at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul Institute.

To expand my knowledge and know other styles of Yoga, I have done courses and seminars with several teachers: Gustavo Ponce (Sattva Yoga), Dov Samuel Vargas (Dharma Mitra), Cristina Newton (Iyengar Yoga), Surrender Singh (Hatha), Rocío Ramos (The Art of Adjusting) and Karina Arenas (Anatomy of Yoga). As a good practitioner, I keep training continuously. We are all beginners in some way.