Aida Giner

I started my path in Yoga at the age of 18, when I needed to discover myself and relax at the same time. I read that this discipline could help me in both things and I decided to try it. I liked what I was feeling, discovering and transforming with practice so much, that a few years later I decided to train to be able to share all those tools that were helping me so much.

I did my first training during weekends while working as an interior designer, not so much with the dream of being a teacher but with the desire to learn more about yoga. I discovered a beautiful world that is based on healing your inner world and your relationship with the outside world. A practice that goes far beyond physical movement. The practice of yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline.

When I decided that I wanted to focus only on sharing the practice of Yoga, I went to live in Bali to study, practice and discover. There, I not only learned about Yoga, but from the Balinese I learned to live with love. They deeply believe in Karma, and live giving the best of themselves, giving smiles to all who need them and helping without expecting anything in return. Everything I learned from them, I like to apply and share in the yoga classes I teach.

Among my classes you will find Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. In Vinyasa classes I usually combine fluid and dynamic movements, to move energy from stagnant places, with static postures to give strength and ground you. I like to seek balance in all practices, so that you don't leave class with fired energy but neither do you leave without wanting to do anything.

Yin Yoga classes are little pills for the soul. Move slowly, calm the mind, feel whatever you have inside without judging it, hug yourself and let go of things we no longer need. All of this happens during Yin Yoga practices.

“Move slowly, calm your mind, feel whatever you have inside without judging it, hug yourself and let go of things we no longer need. All of that happens during Yin Yoga practices.”


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Aida Giner


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